Unlocking the Future of Jewish Engagement: Study of Jewish Young Adults

A study commissioned by Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Genesis Philanthropy Group, Jim Joseph Foundation, and Maimonides Fund looking at the attitudes, beliefs, motivations, behaviors, perspectives, and demographics of Jewish young adults across the United States.

Key findings from the research indicate that young Jews overwhelmingly engage or aspire to engage in Jewish life, and perhaps in different ways than previous generations. Family and friends, nostalgia and guilt, the importance of spirituality over religion, and geographic distance all play a role in Jewish engagement and connectedness to Jewish communities. Young Jews are, on the whole, intellectually curious, compassionate, active in their communities and in exploring new activities, and generally proud of being Jewish. And while many young Jews aspire to be more involved in Jewish life and rekindle the positive Jewish experiences of their youth, some struggle to find the right connection points.