Reopening Economies: Special Lecture by Dan Ariely

The Israeli-American bestselling author of “Predictably Irrational,” Dan Ariely provides a special lecture for JFN on the lessons behavioral psychology offers to help governments begin to reopen their economies safely.

In this wide-ranging and thought-provoking presentation, the acclaimed behavioral scientist explores policy questions raised by the coronavirus pandemic and shares some of the advice (not all of it taken) that he gave the Israeli government on such issues as: determining the best ways to motivate different populations to obey quarantine orders, intervention strategies to reduce domestic violence (both partner abuse and child abuse), and how best to structure economic stimulus packages and unemployment benefits. He also discusses best practices (in general and during the pandemic) for motivating employees, what works (and what doesn’t) when recruiting girls to computer science programs, cultural differences between what motivates Israelis versus what motivates Americans, and many other topics.

Watch Dan’s other special lecture for JFN: