Among Jews, the Young and Highly Educated Bear COVID’s Emotional and Economic Toll

Our research team at the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies has spent the last few months trying to understand how the pandemic has affected the Jewish community. By focusing on the social, economic, emotional, and spiritual challenges posed by COVID-19, we hoped to gather information that Jewish communal organizations and philanthropies could use to strategically deploy communal resources. When we launched the study, we were unsure what effects of the pandemic on the community would be most important, but knew it was critical to capture changes as they were occurring.

In collaboration with 10 Jewish federations across the United States, we conducted a survey of over 15,000 respondents. Although not fully representative of all segments of the community, our sample included Jews from a diverse range of backgrounds, economic circumstances, and relationships to the Jewish community. Their responses enabled us to capture a snapshot of the pandemic’s toll.