Addressing Jewish Poverty in the Age of Covid: Funding Briefs

The pandemic has brought on seismic shifts in all aspects of daily life and impacted all sectors of society and tiers of professional life. But those most vulnerable among us are clearly now and in the near future facing the most dire consequences. Those living paycheck to paycheck have been hard hit by dramatic and sudden job loss, and those already relying on others for assistance with basic needs have seen themselves cornered into greater isolation. Those already food insecure have seen new obstacles in access to meals, groceries, and essentials. Housing insecurity has grown, with many now uncertain how they will cover rent, make their mortgage payments, or pay their monthly utility bill or home repair expenses. As emergency relief runs out, debt is mounting and insecurity for individuals and families looms large.

The funding briefs below, prepared by the National Affinity Group on Jewish Poverty — a collaborative of funders, Jewish Federations, direct service providers, researchers, media outlets, and advocates coordinated by JFN and the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation — highlights efforts underway and outlines concrete opportunities to partner and invest in this work, breaking down the main needs into six issue areas.

Download PDFs below:

Affinity Group Briefing Series on Covid and Jewish Poverty

NoteThis is a YouTube playlist, playing each briefing from newest to oldest. If you click the “list” icon (three horizontal lines over an arrow) at the top of the screen, you’ll see a list of episodes and can then choose which ones to watch.