Maintaining Human Connection in a World Gone Virtual

As the pandemic restrictions continue, many still find themselves in remote work arrangements. The ongoing effort to maintain human connection in these settings—to co-workers, grantees, family members, and more—is a challenging one. After adjusting to working in Zoom, we now need to recall what’s been left behind. In this webinar, JFN’s partner Foundant Technologies and JFN members present on how they’ve evolved their strategies to enable remote work environments that also maintain relationships.

Together they explore:

  • Strategies foundations/organizations are using to stay connected with grantees/members and maintain relationships
  • How foundations/organizations are engaging partners and key stakeholders in their grantmaking
  • What we’re learning about keeping team members engaged in a socially distanced world


Renie Carniol | Grants Director, Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest New Jersey
Valerie Rosenberg | Chief of Staff, Board Secretary, Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah
Deena Fuchs | Executive Vice President, Jewish Funders Network
Mark Larimer, moderator | Co-Founder, Foundant Technologies