FedLab Track: Developing Community Action Plans to Address Jewish Poverty

Above is the main session from the Jewish Federations of North America’s FedLab track on October 27, 2020 led by the National Affinity Group on Jewish Poverty. Speakers include:

The session Includes three inspirational mini-videos in which three Jewish activists in this field — Yavilah McCoy, Daniel Lubetzky, and Dana Gold — explain what motivates them. Speakers include: Mark Wilf, Chair, Board of Trustees, JFNA; Dr. Erica Brown, Director of the Mayberg Center at George Washington University; Deena Fuchs, Executive Vice President of Jewish Funders Network; Susan Wolf Ditkoff, Senior Advisor, The Bridgespan Group.

To watch all videos from the National Affinity Group on Jewish Poverty’s FedLab track (including nine “Success Factors” videos featuring a variety of projects and leaders from throughout North America) view the full playlist below. Each “Success Factors” video will also be posted individually on this site.

NOTE: This is a YouTube playlist. playing each video from the FedLab track in the order in which they were published. If you click the “list” icon (three horizontal lines over an arrow) at the top of the screen, you’ll see a list of episodes and can then choose which ones to watch.

Download a PDF with highlights from each “Success Factors” workshop here.