Facing the Future: Mapping the Marketplace of Jewish Education During Covid-19

This report led by CASJE (Consortium for Applied Studies in Jewish Education), supported by the Jim Joseph Foundation and William Davidson Foundation, and conducted by Rosov Consulting, uncovers what is happening in various Jewish education sectors through the lens of human capital. This lens reveals who is being hired, what the employers of Jewish educators are looking for from those they hire and why. Inevitably, this lens discloses what employers anticipate being demand for their services and the general needs of the field. This lens reveals a picture that is both familiar and fresh. It makes vivid just how inconsistent the impact of COVID-19 has been on the different sectors of Jewish education and how diverse the patterns of response have been to widely shared challenges.

The report, which includes updates about early childhood education, congregational schools, day schools, summer camps, youth programs, JCCs, and Hillels, makes the following recommendations for funders:

A new landscape is emerging, and the nimblest institutions—even in the most uncertain sectors—are responding to this landscape and sometimes even shaping it. They are planning for what will come next. They’re developing resources and building teams with which to respond to the present moment, and that will probably serve them well whatever comes next. If earlier in the pandemic it made sense for funders to sit tight and wait for the upheaval to pass, or until a clearer picture emerged of what will come next, that no longer looks like a wise option. The pathfinders we’ve encountered need help and encouragement. They have a strong sense of their next steps.