More Information on JCRIF [Jewish Community Response and Impact Fund]’s Reset Grants

The first place to look for additional answers to your questions is the RFP. We’ve outlined several of the areas we’re interested in supporting there, along with some basic eligibility criteria. You should also have a look at the Lessons Learned report we issued this week, which discusses some of what we’ve learned in the first round of JCRIF grants, to get a sense for the overall aims and interests of the JCRIF grant funders. And have a look at some of what we funded in the first round.

Please bear in mind, however, that as with all RFPs, few proposals will be funded. Especially in a challenging time for all, please be judicious with your time and only apply if you truly meet the criteria. The initial Letter of Intent is intended to be very brief so as to save applicants’ time.

The Reset grants are not a “prize.” Our intention is to make a number of Reset grants of varying sizes, not necessarily just one $10 million grant.