Covid’s Impact on Philanthropic Relationships: What Can We Learn from It Moving Forward?

Join us for an interactive discussion between two grantmaker/grantseeker pairs as they reflect on the ways that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted their relationships. We will discuss how grantmakers’ philanthropic practices have changed — from the start of the pandemic to the current day — and what’s to come. In particular, we’ll focus on what lessons we’ve learned in the past year and what practices instituted as a result of Covid we may want to make permanent.

This is an open event, for both funders and nonprofits, under the auspices of GrantED, a joint project of JFN and UpStart designed to strengthen relationships between grantmakers and grantseekers. Learn more about GrantED at

You can hear more from these pairs by checking out their conversations on Jgranted.orgJoni and Ilana’s conversation is in the Relationship Building section, and Ayalon and Jon’s is in the Power Dynamics section.


Joni Blinderman
Associate Director
Covenant Foundation

Ilana Ruskay-Kidd
Founder and Head of School
The Shefa School

Ayalon Eliach
Senior Advisor
Lippman Kanfer Living Torah Foundation

Jon Adam Ross
Founding Artist
The InHEIRitance Project


Jonathan Horowitz
Director of National and Democracy Initiatives
The Klarman Family Foundation
*Jonathan is the winner of JFN’s 2021 JJ Greenberg Award*