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Startups face all the same challenges more established nonprofits face as a result of the coronavirus and its economic impact: difficulty continuing operations (including holding fundraising events) under quarantine/social distancing restrictions; reduced philanthropic resources; potential decline in fee-for-service revenues (as a result of social distancing and economic downturn) and the risk of being considered nonessential during a period of heightened human service needs.

But as young and small organizations they have unique vulnerabilities:

  • They are less likely to have savings or reserve funds.
  • They may already rely on a very small group of funders – and not be well-known or have brand recognition beyond this founding circle of patrons.
  • As fledgling organizations with bare-bones budgets and staffs, they have few options for further budget cuts.

According to Upstart, which helps support the Jewish innovation sector, innovators need:

  • emergency financial support due to immediate loss of fundraising and earned-income programming;
  • support for alternative program delivery
  • operational guidance support


Upstart has created a Jewish Innovator Payroll Relief Fund. The fund, for members of Upstart’s Venture Accelerator Cohort or its Venture Accelerator Network, will provide grants of up to $25,000 and may cover up to 75 percent of a venture’s payroll and benefits for three months. To qualify, applicants must demonstrate that the COVID-19 outbreak will cause a decrease in revenue between February -June 2020; must have a current fiscal year budget of $150,000-$5 million; and must have a “track record of accomplishment and potential to grow and thrive post-crisis.”


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